Broad Street Colony – GO TEAM!

CheerleaderKittenRevisiting a favorite story from a few years back…

The project began weeks ago as Cat Tales organized the team for the “Broad Street Colony.” Eighteen homeless cats were living in an empty house on a busy, commercial street in Doylestown. A broken window to the basement provided access for the cats to have shelter. Kind neighbors fed the cats each day and attempted to get a few spayed and neutered to stabilize the colony number. But the project demanded more “all-hands-on-deck” since the house is scheduled for demolition. It will be replaced with a small office complex this summer.

Cat Tales, Lambertville Animal Welfare (LAW) and Animal Lifeline joined forces to develop a strategy to trap the cats, foster the few friendly ones and to relocate the rest to safe barn homes in the area. LAW provided the muscle power for the trapping. Main Street Animal Hospital (MSAH), coordinated by Cat Tales, provided the medical care and temporary boarding for the cats. Animal Lifeline generously provided a spay/neuter grant for the surgeries as well as additional boarding help. The investors who purchased the house provided legal access to the house as well as financial support to proceed with the project.

Mission accomplished! Go Team!

BroadStreetCatsMeet the Cats
Although most of the cats in the colony have only known the outdoors with little contact with people, except at dinnertime, the caring folks who feed them have come to know and love them just the same. Each one has received a name that fits their unique personality. Here are a few: Cindy Brady, Handsome, Command Charlie, Prince, Misha, Smidge and CoCo Puff.