Coco – the next American Idol?

CocoAtTheWindowYou don’t have to be able to hear to “rock out” or to become an American Idol.

Coco was “discovered” as a four week- old kitten while screaming a solo in someone’s backyard. She was “auditioned” by Cat Tales and found to be completely deaf. Her talent and beauty were nurtured in a loving foster home where she was rediscovered and chosen for an unlikely starring role in her newest and permanent feature.
Cheryl, the sister-in-law of the foster mom, saw Coco and fell in love. She had never had a cat before, but something about this beauty tugged at her heartstrings and shouted “star quality.”

It turns out that Cheryl was a great talent agent as Coco is a most unusual cat. She loves to sit by the amplifier and feel its vibrations when hubby plays a mean electric guitar. She’s the paparazzi’s dream as she poses to have her picture taken. She knows what a great beauty she is!

And, when a day of “rocking out” and facing the cameras is over, Coco will take her cat nap in style, sitting in only the finest of the family’s fine china bowls or on her silken throne.

CocoReflection     CocoReclines