What to expect once you have decided to adopt

Once you decide on a cat(s) you would like to add to your family, you can fill out a paper application at the Petsmart in Warminster, PA or Main Street Animal Hospital in Doylestown, PA.  Alternatively, you can submit an electronic application online from this site.

You will receive a call from a Cat Tales adoption team member who will discuss with you the information you have provided to ensure that the cat you are requesting is indeed a good match for your particular situation. It is our goal at Cat Tales to make sure that the right cat finds the right family. Since the adoption team is very familiar with the temperament and personality of all of the adoptable cats under our care, we may suggest a different cat to better suit your circumstances and family.

Once the reviewer has spoken to you and checked your references, you will hopefully be approved to adopt. We will make arrangements with you to fill out the adoption contract and Petsmart store form and collect the adoption fee. The best part follows …you get to take your new kitty home!

Because CT works very hard to arrange successful adoptions, we strive to provide you with a happy and healthy cat. While there are never guarantees for any living creature, we work diligently with our veterinarians to provide a comprehensive level of medical attention to all cats before adoption. To that end, each cat has already received a complete medical assessment and all necessary treatments.

Adoption fees only cover a portion of the medical expenses; the balance is subsidized by donations and fundraising efforts.


  • • Kittens up to a year old: $150
    • Cats from 1 year to 7: $100
    • Cats over 7 years: $70 (The “senior” cat fee discount is intended to encourage an adopter to consider an older, healthy cat)