Take home a rescue kitty! Always adopt, don’t shop

Cat Tales takes in cats and kittens that often haven’t had the best start in life. Many of our kittens are found outside, or are abandoned by someone who didn’t get their cat spayed. Many of our adult cats are surrendered when their owners go into retirement homes or pass away.

When you adopt a rescue kitty, you are giving a home to a kitten who can’t wait to start its great life in its forever home. Or you are giving a real forever home to an older cat who might have been waiting to be adopted for some time. In any case, you’re truly saving a life and at the same time, helping to open space for us to save another life.

white and orange cat plating with a feather toy

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We are always taking in new cats and kittens, so please be sure to check back here regularly. If you see the kitty you’d like to adopt, you can submit your application online now. Alternatively, you can submit an application to be pre-approved then work with your appointed Cat Tales representative to find the right kitty for your family.

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